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Phoenix Restoration Experts of Arizona

If you have water or fire damage in your home, or issues with mold, you need a dependable, professional contractor.  However, choosing the Phoenix restoration company that is a “good fit” with you can be daunting. With so many choices, what is one to do?  The traditional advice for customers needing water damage restoration, fire damage restoration or the removal of mold was to look in the Yellow Pages, or find potential companies on TV or radio.  The most important tip, however, is to get referrals from family and friends.  Many contractors depend on word-of-mouth advertising, so they will want to take care to please you with their work.

Today, homeowners can still do all of the research and work of hiring a contractor for their restoration needs.  But why not use a web site that has already done the work for you and which only endorses local, family-owned business?  Now there is an online resource to help home owners choose which business is right for them and the project they are doing. has ten locally-owned contractors on its website, contractors who range from painting to pest control.  You can trust these businesses because they have already been researched, saving you time. Every company affiliated with this website has a mass of satisfied customers, and everyone is licensed, bonded and insured.  Choosing contractors off of this list can save you time and money.  

When it comes to restoration work, the company recommended by Arizona home buyer solution is Phoenix Restoration Experts.  This company is qualified to do every aspect of restoring your home, from fire and water damage to removing offensive odors.  When you call Phoenix Restoration Experts at (602) 393-9258, you will get an immediate response.

Water damage can be caused by things like broken pipes and rain.  If you have water damage in your home, a professional contractor needs to be called right away.  The longer the water sits in your home, the more expensive the job.  When you call Phoenix Restoration Experts with your water damage repair needs, you will get a contractor that is very meticulous about the job they do: water removal is only one piece of the puzzle. Phoenix Restoration Experts will clean furniture, carpet, and upholstery as the tackle the water damage repair work.  The company will also check for bacteria.  Many homeowners will try to clean up water damage on their own, but water damage repair specialists would say that the job is not complete.  Also, when homeowners try to take care of water issues on their own, they may encourage the growth of mold and mildew, which can jeopardize the health of the household members.

In addition to properly taking care of water damage, Phoenix Restoration Experts can handle fire cleanup in the unfortunate event that you or your business experiences a fire.  With fire damage, it is important that the clean-up work begins as soon as possible, because smoke residue is acidic and can cause surfaces to erode or stain permanently.   Fire damage repair specialists have the knowledge and the equipment to clean up after fire damage.

Phoenix Restoration Experts also specialize in treating smoke damage repair and getting rid of mold.   Smoke and soot spreads everywhere in the house and damages paint, upholstery, carpets, clothing and drapes.  The company has all the knowledge and equipment that will be required to take care of the damages and odor of smoke.   Phoenix Restoration Experts does not want their customers living in houses that have mold.  The company’s experts tests home air samples to detect the presence of mold.

Whatever home improvement project you are considering, the first step towards a successful completion is finding the right contractor.  Instead of spending all the time required to find a good contractor, why not let someone else do the research for you?  www. is a valuable resource for those who need some help with home improvement.  Phoenix Restoration Experts is the fire/water/mold/smoke restoration company that has been chosen by  That means the company is proven to be trustworthy. So call Phoenix Restoration Experts. You can also check out Action 1 Restoration in Arizona at