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Arizona Shutters, Blinds & More

Arizona residents are all-too-familiar with the daily battles to regulate indoor home and office temperature, sunlight, and privacy.  Plus, those flash storms and sudden wind gusts can totally throw a kink in your system.  Modern and attractive wood shutters, wood blinds, and more, can help meet all these needs, and are attractive and adaptable to any Arizona home.

Shutters may sound old fashioned, but that’s because, as it turns out, they have a long history of practicality and charm. Designed to fit outside, wood shutters can block out intense sunlight during the day as well as rain and wind that can erode or damage windows and frames.  The ancient Greeks were the first to outfit their homes with exterior shutters for ventilation, light and heat control, and even protection against home invasion in some cases.

The popularity of shutters among Grecians caught on to other countries in Continental Europe and the Mediterranean, and wooden shutters eventually reached as far as the Netherlands, Germany, and Elizabethian England.  When you think of older European-style country homes, no doubt you imagine the cozy stone-walled home with a sweet outdoor garden, gravel path, and of course the slatted wooden shutters.

The slatted shutter pattern actually proved to be the basis of the first outdoor blinds, which can serve similar function as shutters with slight modifications.  Unlike shutters, however, wooden blinds can be interior instead of exterior, allowing for control from within the home and with windows closed.  Indoor blinds can be wood or faux wood as well, since they are shielded from the exterior elements that make wood the practical outdoor choice.

Speaking of blinds, did you know that Venetian blinds are not actually from Venice?  Although the famous Italian isle city gave fame and glamor to the vertical slats, the origin remains a mystery.  Nonetheless, the style has reached worldwide fame and practicality, especially over glass door frames or in outdoor spaces.

Installing shutters, blinds, or other window protection can be a modern nightmare despite their dreamy European history. Arizona Shutters, Blinds, & More is a company that can help with that.  Family owned and operated, service professionals are here to help you select the right design for the style of your home, and keep the costs well within your price range, too.

European country homes had shutters and blinds that were designed by fine artisans and master wood craftsmen.  These artisans would come exclusively recommended and give full attention and effort to their craft, at which they were the experts.  Licensed, bonded, and insured craftsmen at Arizona Shutters, Blinds & More are today’s USA version of the European experts.  They are here to help your desert home in all of the same ways that the artisans outfitted homes in England and Germany.

Now that you know the history of blinds and shutters, no doubt you will want to be a part of this long-standing and charming tradition.  Start by browsing some styles that will fit with the theme of your home and with your outdoor garden, cactus collection, or pool.  Remember, blinds, especially wooden and vertical blinds don’t even need to be near a window to provide you with shade and protection, so look around outside for places you might want some extra shade and protection.

Call Arizona Shutters, Blinds & More and let them help you mold your window protection into the home of your dreams. You’ll find yourself loving the practicality of ventilation and light control with the added privacy and protection.  Then sing some fanciful European tunes as you burst open your wood shutters and greet another beautiful day in the Arizona desert. If you are in need of wood shutters or wood blinds, call Arizona Shutters, Blinds & More and schedule your appointment today.